FICE Pre-Election Debate 20212021-11-10T16:01:10+00:00


Foreign Investors’ Council in Estonia organised FICE Pre-Election Debate on 7th October 2021 at Sokos Hotel Viru Conference Centre. The event was well received and a good opportunity for FICE members to ask questions directly ´from each party representative.

FICE Vice-Chair Heikki Mäki was introducing FICE Executive Survey results in the opening speech.

Six leading parties representatives participated in the debate:

Andres Sutt, Estonian Reform Party
Erki Savisaar, Estonian Centre Party
Georg Kirsberg, Conservative People’ Party of Estonia
Joakim Helenius, Estonia 200
Riina Sikkut, Social Democratic Party
Urmas Reinsalu, Pro Patria

The debate was moderated by James Oates (BECC).

The Pre-Election Debate in English is a tradition that FICE will continue to target the most critical topics for foreign investors and is highly cherished by the business community.

Photos by Viktor Burkivski