FICE – Foreign Investors’ Council in Estonia FICE was launched in August 2008 as a lobby group acting through contacts with the Estonian Government and Estonia’s Governmental bodies.

Pioneering FICE members include the Austrian, Danish, Finnish, German-Baltic, Holland, Norwegian and Swedish Chambers of Commerce, Business Clubs and Marketing Offices in Estonia.

Together, the seven countries represented in FICE account for almost 80% of the total foreign direct investments in Estonia [source: Eesti Pank].

Regular meetings are scheduled between FICE and the Estonian Government and its Governmental bodies. The members of participating FICE-organizations are regularly invited to special FICE-arranged speaker events.

FICE’s main issues and priorities mirror the interests and concerns of foreign investors in Estonia and include:

– The Tax System
– Energy and Environment
– Administrative Reforms
– Education and Labor
– Business Ethics

FICE’s proposals on these main issues and priorities are prepared by work groups of the Council.

Since its foundation FICE has met with Prime Minister Andrus Ansip and a FICE delegation was invited to an October 2008 session of the Riigikogu Economic Affairs Committee to discuss the development of Estonia’s business environment. As a follow-up of these meetings FICE was invited to a Riigikogu debate session where the Economic Affairs Committee presented the Estonian Action Plan for Growth 2008 – 2011, which included FICE’s proposals. In 2015, FICE also organized the only English-language pre-election political debate before the Riigikogu elections.