In December 2017 and January 2018, we conducted a survey among our members on doing business in Estonia from 2015 to 2017.

Chambers that participated and submitted the survey to their members were the CCFE, the DECC, the FECC, the JECC, the NECC, the SCCE, AHK and Holland BC.

This survey includes the answers of 89 firms. The results have been presented during FICE kick-off mingle on February 8th, where the representatives of Chambers and corresponding Embassies were invited.

Based on the results, it appeared that our members biggest concern was the availability of workforce. In order to improve the situation, we tackled  three main domain and the questions that came out from those issues:

– The process and regulations for temporary work permits from third countries:

  • Remove average salary requirements? We have already the equal treatment act?
  • Longer period for temporary? Why only one year?
  • What are the security risks if  a person has only work permit, but not citizenship rights?

– Illegal workforce in Estonia at the moment:

  • Problem is ten times bigger that in public is said. Why authorities are not interested for the lost taxes?
  • If the persons from third countries are some security risk, why the illegals are not even we don’t that how much, where and who are they?
  • What are the tools to tackle that problem? Finland’s practise is the Contractor’s Obligations Act, is that also something for Estonia?

– Automatization and Digitalization:

  • In a long run companies are forced to invest both of those, what is government’s strategy to support those investment?
  • Still industry will need persons and a lot, so what are government’s views to guarantee availability for workforce in the future; enough and right skills?
Following this survey and in order to discuss and exploit the results, representative groups composed by FICE board members and Chambers representatives have had meetings with :
  • Urve Palo, Minister of Enterpreneurship and Information Technology on May 15th
  • Andres Anvelt, Minister of the Interior, and Head of Citizenship and Migration Policy Department Ruth Annus on May 22nd.