The Foreign Investors’ Council in Estonia and AmCham organised Pre-Election Debate on 1st February 2023 at the Nordic Hotel Forum. The event was well received and an excellent opportunity to meet the party representatives and see them debate on the issue relevant to our community.

Six leading parties representatives participated in the debate:

Andres Sutt, Estonian Reform Party
Tanel Kiik, Estonian Centre Party
Martin Helme, Conservative People’s Party of Estonia
Joakim Helenius, Estonia 200
Riina Sikkut, Social Democratic Party
Urmas Reinsalu, Pro Patria

The debate was moderated by Andreas Kaju, Vice-Chairman of the AmCham Public Policy Committee, META Advisory.

Taxation, healthcare, talent attraction and retention, migration, education, the military, the digital economy, and many other important topics were discussed and debated. Audience members from AmCham and FICE had a chance to ask questions toward the end of the session. It was a really engaging and occasionally tense discussion about Estonia’s future.

We sincerely appreciate everyone who took the time to speak, represent their party, and present their views. We wish all candidates the best of luck in the upcoming elections on 5th March! In April, we look forward to cooperating closely with the newly elected administration and assisting in the transformation.

The Pre-Election Debate in English is a tradition that FICE will continue to target the most critical topics for foreign investors and is highly cherished by the business community.

Event photos by: Nikita Turok, A CUBE Agency